Plaza Peru. A tribute to traditional Peruvian cuisine

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From Y where we eat we bring you a new gastronomic track to enjoy the authentic Peruvian cuisine in Madrid. And it is that it reaches the capital Plaza Peru, which honors its location in the plaza of the same name. Sitting at the table of this Peruvian is a sensory trip to the Country of the Incas as it offers a very authentic and traditional cuisine, as it is served in the restaurants there. Let yourself be seduced by the best cebiches and tiraditos, the ají de gallina, the lomo saltado, the anticuchos or the bread with pork rinds.

Restaurantes peruanos en Madrid

Behind this gastronomic adventure are Patricia Vega and Antonio Aramburu, a marriage of Peruvian entrepreneurs living in Madrid for 14 years. Its objective? Make known and value the richness of Peruvian cuisine in Madrid. For years they worked for other restaurants and prestigious firms developing products and recipes. Now give free rein to their concerns with Plaza de Perú.

Plaza Peru. History of the Peruvian people and its gastronomy

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To cross the doors of Plaza Peru is to enter 450 square meters of history of the Peruvian people and its gastronomy. This is how Laura García Navarro transmits the interior design studio Gärna Madrid with the decoration of the place, where a large mural hand painted by María Lapeña stands out. In a very beautiful way tells the story of the Incas through the arrival of the Spaniards and African blacks that gave rise to Creole cuisine to the Chinese influence (from which Chifa cuisine emerged).

The walls also speak of the Japanese immigration from which the Nikkei kitchen was born. On the other hand, we love the color palette used in this space, which is based on foods used in food with neutral tones reminiscent of rice, corn or potatoes and red, orange and yellow tones in allusion to rocoto and the peppers.

What to ask in Plaza Peru. A 100% traditional menu

Plaza Perú

The proposal of Plaza Peru is based on traditional Peruvian cuisine, which is made in the restaurants there. In his menu we will find delicious and popular dishes such as Corvina a la Chorrillana, seco de cabrito or arroz de mariscos. There is no shortage of classic croaker, mixed and nikkei, or tiraditos and the causes as well as the typical dishes of the Andes such as carapulcra (cooked with pork, ají panca and peanut) or chupe arequipeño. Dare with the recipes of Creole cuisine such as ají de gallina, from the north as rice with duck and chifa cuisine, Chinese influence, such as the chaufa airport (sautéed rice with wok pork, chicken, prawns, asparagus, broccoli and soy and oyster sauces).

Restaurante Plaza Peru - platos

But this does not end here … there are also proposals rescued from the street kitchen of Lima as the anticuchos, which served the black “anticucheras” in the corners, the “sanguche” of chicharrón, a bacon sandwich with cries, sweet potato and very popular creole sauce late in the morning. The sweet touch is the Mazamorra, a spoon dessert made with a concentrate of purple corn, fruits and spices that are served with rice with milk, or the picarones, donuts of pumpkin and sweet potato with chancaca honey.


Plaza Perú

Address: Plaza de Perú, 1
Phone: 913 50 26 26
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 1:30 to 4:00 pm and from 8:30 to 9:30 pm
Average price: € 25-30
Price of the day: € 15 first, second, drinks and dessert or coffee.

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